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Lake Havasu City Real Estate Information September 2018

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Lake Havasu Homes For Sale

Currently there are 362 Single Family Homes for Sale In Lake Havasu City.

Currently there are 195 Single Family Homes in Escrow In Lake Havasu City.

Current Lake Havasu Homes For Sale.

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Residential Real Estate Sales
Buying and Selling Lake Havasu Homes
Lake Havasu Homes

Single Family Lake Havasu Homes For Sale are currently list prices from $149,900 - $2,985,000

163 Homes Sold August 2018

On Average 150 Single Family Homes are sold each month.

Real Estate Across The Country Is Up Except Some Hard Hit Areas

With the exception of some cities where some sort of disaster has struck, overbuilding, or economic issues. Before you buy, you may want to see if whether, overbuilding, or lack of jobs can be a large factor.

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Home Prices Are Up Year Over Year

Where should you invest your money?

Real Estate
A place where you can charge rent and make money on your property
even if you aren't using it.
It's relatively easy to get a loan on a home because of the inherit value.

Fun Fact: Gold
A gold bar weighs around 25 pounds
400 troy ounces
400 X $1275 / ounce = $510,000
Just a couple weeks ago,
Gold was around 1325 / Ounce
This would make a gold bar worth $530,000
This means a serious gold investor may have lost $20,000 over the last couple of weeks.

Owning a $510,000 Gold ( a Gold Bar ) vs Real Estate Investment Property worth $510,000
Gold pays you nothing per month, while the same 510,000 investment property pays on average around $2800.
The difference between Gold and property is when gold goes down, housing is usually going up.
When gold goes up, property values are usually, not always, are going down.

Stocks vs Real Estate
After reading about the gold vs Real Estate above,
We know stocks are very volatile.
The only difference is some stocks may pay dividends, quarterly or annually.

It makes sense why most wealthy people invest in Real Estate. Timing is a huge factor. Buy Low, Sell High. Refrain from buying fixers, old properties, or properties in declining or bad neighborhoods.

A home is a place where you have a roof over your head for you and your family.

Lake Havasu Homes Realtors® Can Get Your Home Sold

Residential Real Estate Sales
Buying and Selling Lake Havasu Homes
Lake Havasu Homes

Usually, the best time of year to purchase a home is November - December for the lowest price.

Usually, the best time to Sell a home is March - July for the Highest price.

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