Lake Havasu City Info

Lake Havasu City Info

Latest Update 12/06/2019 06:15am

Jobs Report is in 3.6%!

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Lake Havasu City Weather

Latest Update 12/06/2019 06:15am

It is approximately 53 degrees and expected to get up to 68 around 5 pm today.
Winds are from the North West at 3 mph with gusts up to 5.
Clear Skies Outside.
The Air Quality is Excellent.
Sunrise today was at 7:29 am.
Sunset will be at 5:26 pm.
It's always nice to see a Lake Havasu Sunset.
The Humidity level is currently at 79%.
UV is Low at a 2.
Pollen count is at 2.

Lake Havasu City's Best Gas Prices

Latest Update 12/06/2019 06:15am
Smiths is at 2.79,
Arco is at 2.79,
Zip is at 2.79,
Maverick is at 2.79,
Circle K is at 2.89,

Gas Prices Up the Hill Highway 95 and The 40
Pilot is at 2.85,
Love's is at 2.85,

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Lake Havasu City General Information

The size of the town is approximate 7 Miles by 6 Miles - 42 square miles.

The Population is around 54,000 however, drops in the summer a little and in the winter nearly doubles to 100,000+ with many snow birds avoiding the cold and coming here to paradise.

Jobs can be easy to come by if you have a strong work ethic. If you are new here, Many employers do not want to take the time to train people as many employees simply leave or no show. It isn't that jobs are hard to come by, it's people who want to work, show up on time and do a good job are hard to come by, says many business owners.

Many People here are retired. The minimum wage is $11.00 and the medium income per adult is around $13.50 / hour or $27,000 / year. High paying jobs are not easy to find.
The cost of living is higher than the United States average. If you are not retired you should investigate whether there are jobs here for you or if you can run a business here with the competition.
The unemployment rate is around 7 - 9%.

Starting a Business here can be very difficult to get customers as it takes a while for people in town to get to know you.

Traffic - The average commute time is 8 - 15 minutes. Traffic is nill during the summer unless it is a 3 day weekend. Traffic triples during snow bird season. Many drive around at a snails pace as many may not be use to getting around the town.

Economy The local economy is said to be relied upon by visitors. Much of this is restaurant, pubs, hotels, watercraft, repairs, and house rentals. This is why Lake Havasu City has many things to do other than just the lake, and river. Quite often there is boat shows, car shows, and other Lake Havasu events to attract visitors.

Schools are OK but they are not the best. You can check the school rankings Online.
Many Parents are critical of schools so I will leave that up to your discretion.
There is a low number of children under the age of 18 for the size of the town comparatively to the rest of America.


Make sure your boat has what you need such as a fire extinguisher, life jackets, Boat insurance plenty of water for the people and pets on board.

It is wise to air out the engine compartment for a couple minutes before starting your boat or personal watercraft.
Failure to do so may blow up your vessel and cause harm to those in or around it.
Use Caution, Stay off the lake when you know the wind is in excess of 10 MPH or days where weather may be a factor. If you see dark clouds at all, get off the lake as quickly as possible.

Crime is usually low, however, as there are many unoccupied homes or vacation homes, and the need for burglar alarms is growing. Many take their trash to the curb as they leave on Sunday ( which is a code enforcement violation that many overlook ) however this sends out a huge red flag that the house is empty just screaming, ROB ME! Many vacationers would be wise to find someone take out their trash on trash day.
Crime would nearly disappear if landlords required a minimum 720 credit score from all adult tenants. In addition, rents and property values would rise significantly.

Neighborhood Watch is growing in order to curb the tide of crime going up. Ring Doorbell Camera is helping many keep an eye on things.

Climate It gets Hot. Some here call it "100+ days of 100+ degrees." To be blunt in the summer it can be around 108 - 115 and goes down to around 100 degrees at night.
The rest of the year is pretty nice.
A few years ago. it did snow one day. Christmas once and New Years the following year. Just enough to turn the ground white and melt off that day.

Fireplace Use in Lake Havasu City

When it's nice out, Please refrain from using your fireplace. A good rule is to NOT use a fireplace when it is 60 degrees and above. Many Havasunians enjoy walking, biking, and having their windows open. Using the 59 and below rule for use of burning wood helps us all.

Healthcare - For those who need good healthcare Lake Havasu City may be a questionable place to live. In the "Winter," due to the thousands of snowbirds that come to live here for around 5 months of the year. Health care services are difficult at best to get in. Health insurance is not the best since the Affordable Care Act and you may need to live in a large metropolitan city to get many decent medical services.

Voting Lake Havasu City is primarily a Republican town with around 76% of the people. The other 24% is a mix of Democrats, and Independents.

People here in Havasu are usually very friendly. It doesn't matter where you go here, as people are outgoing.

EGO Check - You will want to check your ego before you cross over the river. This is a friendly town and people here want to keep it that way.

Attire Havasu is a very comfortable casual place. If you think you will need to dress up, you will need to visit more often to get a feel for the town. This is a shorts and flip flops or tennis shoes kind of town. Closets are smaller here for a reason. You wont need 64 pairs of shoes. Formal wear is out the window.

Keeping Up With The Smiths - All over the planet people can be competitive. Here in Havasu you will see friends buying ATVs, Motorcycles, RVs, Boats, Jet skis, and other toys trying to keep up with or just to hang out with their friends. Here, it usually is not about what you wear or driving a Lexus or BMW. You don't usually see women sporting expensive attire, handbags, belts, or shoes. In fact, the closets here in most homes are generally smaller. After you've been here awhile, you will find you have easily earned friends. That is, if you didn't compete with them.

Pets are a part of most peoples lives here in Havasu. It is known as a Dog Loving Town. Most people here have Friendly dogs, as mean dogs cost homeowners a great deal more in insurance, or make it difficult altogether to get insurance. Small dogs can be targets for coyotes and frequently are snatched up, even behind 6 foot block walls or fences. Many small dogs are snatched up right in front of owners not more than 10 feet away. When you need a new full time friend who is very glad to see you come home, go to Western Animal Humane Society. Keep in mind pets need a real home. One with Air Conditioning left on and the ability to be inside. Leaving a pet outside may be a criminal offense in Arizona.

Pests are a factor here. Scorpions, rattle snakes, crickets, termites, tarantulas, brown recluse, black widow, and other weird looking spiders. It's all part of a food chain. Crickets are attracted to light as in garden lights porch lights etc. Scorpions and Tarantulas like crickets. You see where I am going here.

Water Pressure Issues in Lake Havasu Homes

The Water Pressure in Most Lake Havasu Homes is something unlike anywhere else. You need to check your water pressure usually at a hose bib after the regulator monthly. You may want to go to Lowes, Home Depot, or Amazon to get a water pressure tester. It is usually suggested to have 55 psi. If it gets over 80 you may want to call a good plumber to replace your water pressure regulator ASAP. On average here in Havasu they last 3 - 5 years. Water leaks cause a great deal of damage in no time. This does happen all too often in vacation homes where no one is home to see a leak in time.

Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis or R.O. is a Necessity in Lake Havasu City

If you live here you will need both a water softener and a Reverse Osmosis R.O. system.

Utilities Unisource is the Electric and Gas utility.

The City of Lake Havasu takes care of Water

and subs out the trash, but you pay the city.

See Lake Havasu City Trash Day Map

As for Internet, Suddenlink cable is the go to place. It isn't perfect and you should know the service goes down often.
Suddenlink has speeds up to 1 Gig which is about the fastest you can get anywhere in the U.S. The fastest you may want is around 100 - 300 Mbits.
It would be wise to use your own email address or get a Google mail email address so if you ever move or when the cable company sells, you still have your email.

As for Wireless Cell Phone, Verizon Wireless is the best, then ATT, then Sprint, and T-Mobile is rare for most people.

If you still want a Home Phone the choice is Frontier or Suddenlink Cable.
As for TV, Many use Dish or Direct TV then Cable
I personally bundle Cable TV and Internet with Suddenlink.
The people who work locally at the cable company are nice and better to deal with than calling on the 1 800 eat crap number. You will have to walk in though.

RVs are common here in Havasu, however, you can not live in your RV on your property. If you happen to have a neighbor who does you can get the Havasu Now App on your cell phone and take a picture and let the Lake Havasu code enforcement handle it, or you can live and let live.
RVs can not park overnight at Lake Havasu City's Walmart

Code Enforcement Do keep in mind, this is Havasu, so even the city is laid back, and they have a very tolerant attitude. You may need to call often if a problem exists.

Shopping leaves a lot to be desired here. If you need to curb your shopping addiction, this may be the place. There are 5 Supermarkets and a Walmart. I know what you are thinking, what about the mall, shoes, etc? I said there's a Walmart. Can you tell a man wrote this? My Wife helped, but I am the editor.
There are some other stores up at The Shops.

Yard work is minimal and you wont need a lawnmower or a snow shovel. You will need to rake your rocks on a regular basis to make sure there isn't a rock out of place. Checking your sense of humor here. Weeds grow every year and you will need to pull them. This is the desert so you water a little different here. Lake Havasu Water Savers is a good place to call upon for free for watering advice. The old 5 minutes a day is not the way. Try 20 minutes once per week for deep watering.

The London Bridge is one of the biggest landmarks in America and is the Lake Havasu City Landmark. It was sold as it was sinking in the Thames River due to too much traffic.
Robert McCulloch spared no expense to make this town happen and shipped a bridge from London through the Panama Canal to long beach then trucked it in to Lake Havasu City.
The London Bridge was originally built in 1831. Robert McCulloch purchased it for $2,460,000 In 1962. The Now London Bridge in Lake Havasu City began being built in 1968, and was completed and opened on 10/10/1971.

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Moving to Arizona?

Before you register a vehicle or get a drivers license in Arizona, Make sure you have a "Legal Address" or "Proof Of Residency" here in AZ. Many Insurance companies are restricting insurance for Motor Vehicle Owners, not boats, that can not show proof of residency such as two recent, separate utilities - water, electric, gas, in your name. The whole borrowing an address from a friend or relative, is out the window. Without insurance within 30 days in AZ, the MVD may cancel your registration.

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Insurance Tips To Save Money

Pay In Full
Buy Insurance 30 Days In Advance
Keep Your Credit Score High
Avoid Minimal Insurance Policies
Avoid Claims
Higher Deductibles
Avoid Moving from Place to Place
Multi Policy Can Help ( Sometimes )
Buy Insurance with an Independent Insurance Agency who has multiple insurance carriers to choose from.

Know what's coming in your U.S. mail before you get it. Informed delivery
I like it because I now know if I am getting my mail. Yes. I have asked my neighbors if they got my mail and yes they have. Now I know. Simply sign up for it.

Annoying Calls Call Spoofing

Call Spoofing has hit every town across the America
Imagine if some jerk actually took your phone number and made it look like you were placing the call. They can do this and it happens to every one. You wont know it until people call you back say, "Did you try to call me?" The first few times you are thinking they mis dialed. Then at some point you come to the realization someone hacked your number to make it look like your local number so that they can scam someone else. This happens on Land lines, VOIP, Cell phones, etc virtually all numbers. In the video you can clearly see that there isn't much of a law against it so it will continue to happen. Now picture it happens from a business. Follow this scenario. Your local bank calls you and starts asking you for your private info and you give it to them because it says Your Bank and you know the number is the number. This happens to local businesses all day long without their knowledge.
How can you protect yourself? Call them back at their number. You may not want to give private info over the phone. You may want to quickly test or quiz the person on the phone to be sure they are indeed local. Did you go to the car show this week or some other local topic that everyone in town knows about. These calls usually come from the fake IRS ( you owe us Money BS line ), Travel ( You stayed in one of our hotels recently... ) Microsoft ( We noticed some unusual items on your computer ) Google ( your business is not listed... ) Credit Card Interest rates ( we can lower your interest rate on your credit card to 6.9% ) The List goes on and on. Bottom line. Answering the phone rule. If you don't recognize the voice, just hang up and call back if you so desire. Most spoofed numbers might go to an unanswered line but some will go to legitimated numbers that have been PHONE SPOOFED without their knowledge and there isn't a thing they can do about it. It would cost businesses thousands of dollars to changed their number only to be spoofed again and again.

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